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TrueWonders brings children to the Bible through FREE entertaining, 3D animated content. No cost. No paid subscriptions. It’s all FREE. No preaching. Just animated Bible Stories. Let’s teach our children godly principles and values.


The first episode of TrueWonders Story Time will premiere on Thursday 30 September at 5pm PST / 8pm EST. Watch free by subscribing to our channel on YouTube here:

TrueWonders brings children to the Bible through FREE 3D animated Bible stories. We're producing the epic tales of the entire Bible in entertaining 3D animated cartoons and distributing it as free videos all over the world. Not just as stories, but with Biblical truth.

Besides 3D animated Bible cartoons in videos, we're also working on biblical comic books, mobile apps, and more.

Watch a teaser video by clicking here:

Bible story comic books and mobile apps are also coming soon.



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