Crew Call

TrueWonders (3D animation) has now entered full production mode on the pilot episode. The production team (made up of volunteers) has grown steadily and we're fortunate to have attracted very talented people all helping remotely. Incredibly, there is no doubt that the Holy Spirit has been leading people to the project. Earlier this week I prayed for a particular need and within the hour, two professionals emailed me asking if I need help in their particular area of expertise. That is how it has been. Our casting call received 120+ responses within days.

We're still looking for more help with the project in all aspects of and related to Christian filmmaking and I'd like to extend an open invitation.

If you or someone you know love the Lord and the Bible and would like to be part of a Holy Spirit-led project like this, then please reach out to me by clicking on the Contact page. (To limit spam, you'll have to register - it's free.)


  • another writer to join our team
  • sound designer/editor/engineer
  • more animators and 3D modelers (Blender)
  • production designer/storyboard creator
  • post-production editor
  • publicist
  • networking and social-media director
  • website manager / developer
  • producers, fundraising
  • marketing
  • legal counseling

...the list is virtually endless


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