Our primary mission is to bring children to the Bible through FREE 3D animated productions.  We believe the Biblical narrative is true and was written by men inspired by the living God.

We are producing the epic stories of the Bible in entertaining and educational ways and wish to distribute the episodes FOR FREE, thereby ministering to children through entertaining godly content with Biblical accuracy. We are not being backed by any organizations.

TrueWonders productions aren't trying to be the Bible, but are intended to bring people to the Bible. The episodes will be clean, safe, educational entertainment, and suitable for parents wishing to raise godly kids.



    • The episodes are free. No paid subscriptions.
    • It will cover stories from the whole Bible, not just a few popular tales.
    • It's for a wider audience. It's funny and entertaining for the whole family, not just small children. There are cartoon animals and effects to engage small toddlers that are too young to understand the stories yet, and it also has enough comedy and depth of content to appeal to older children and adults.
    • The lovable animated characters are interactive. In TrueWonders Story Time cartoon actors interact with real people.
    • It educates without being preachy:
          1. that the Bible is true and supernatural (True Wonders), not fantasy,
          2. to steer them to the godly supernatural and away from the occult,
          3. to love, revere, and fear God,
          4. to respect godly values and God's commandments,
          5. to have a curiosity about the Bible.
    • It's not just videos, but also:
            1. Activities,
            2. books,
            3. comic books,
            4. apps, and
            5. other formats


Our success depends on the number of subscribers. followers, and supporters.

SHARE, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and please WATCH our content.

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You may also donate by clicking the button below. We're a small team of volunteers. All TrueWonders digital content is free. There are no paid subscriptions and we aren't being backed by any organization. If you feel God lays it on your heart to serve by donating, then it will help us fulfill our mission by paying for costs such as streaming fees, equipment, animators, programmers, artists, translators, publishing costs, software licenses, music licenses, the lease, legal fees, and insurances.


If you would like to contribute to our mission in one way or another, then please contact us. We are always seeking talent.



We collaborate with other ministries. One of our aims is to help support other ministries that are fruitful ground for sowing into, including small ministries who are just starting out. If you have a small ministry that needs help to grow, please contact us.


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