The Holy Art of War

A guide to unlocking spiritual mysteries in the Bible

The Holy Art of War is a new book about what God showed me in person. It's a wake up call that exposes Satan's agenda and reveals from scripture how to fight back as Christians.

- Will Gerard

April 2024
Pages: 256
Font: 9pt





We are constantly under assault by unseen forces trying to destroy everything we hold dear, including our health, finances, marriages, jobs, children, and freedom. Whether we know it or not, we are in the middle of a supernatural war. Even the weather is at the mercy of spiritual beings that have the ability to deploy it at will as a means to destroy. There is only one way to gain legal access into the spiritual realm to defend against these attacks. Dr. Gerard explains from scripture why one should believe the Bible, and then he takes the reader on a methodical journey showing where we lost our spiritual authority and how to claim it back. The reader is walked through salvation and redemption in Christ, before delving into all the strategies one has in the spiritual realm, armed as a disciple with the power of the Holy Ghost.

You will find answers for questions such as:

  • Why does God let innocents die in tragedies?
  • Does sin give Satan legal rights?
  • Is water baptism a requirement to be saved?
  • Why was God so cruel in the Old Testament?
  • Do angels and demons really exist?

This handbook provides a scriptural foundation from A-Z for walking in faith. Written from the perspective of a scientist, it systematically unveils key insights for a deeper spiritual awareness. A comprehensive INDEX allows quick topic searches, making this a handy reference for every Christian's bookshelf.

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